Attacked? Follow these steps

By Eva Feldman

This organization is a University crime victim’s best friend.

If you feel that your case is not being properly handled by the the University or University Police you should immediately consult with Security on Campus.

Victims of campus rape should: (advise from a mom who cares)

1) Get to the hospital, do not wash or change clothes. You do NOT have to decide at this time if you are going to pursue legal action. By taking this first important and confidential step you preserve your rights to pursue your attacker in the future. These medical services to a Rape Victim are usually Free and Confidential.

2) Ask for Counseling, even if you feel you are handling the situation it is advised that you consult with a professional rape crisis counselor. The hospital can provide one or go to the link on this site for hospital/medical to locate a center near you. These services are Free.

3) Tell a Parent or Other supportive Adult or call Security on Campus 1-888-251-7959, this is beneficial to you for two reasons, one you don’t have the experience to handle this alone and two Police and school administrators take the situation more seriously when you have a support team with you. GET AN ORDER OF PROTECTION; campus police may be reluctant to assist you in this but INSIST or simply take your police report to any crises center or directly to the county court house and they can assist you. This creates a record so that your attacker can not come within a stipulated distance from you. The attacker can not contact you, or come to your place of work or home and in some cases the order will stipulate, school. If it says school the University Police must escort him off school property upon serving him with the order.

4) If the rape occurred on campus: AFTER tending to your physical and psychological health report the rape to:

A) campus police, Tell them you want to speak with an investigator who has been trained specifically in rape investigation. If the investigator presses you as to your desire to press charges and you are not sure, tell them your not ready to make the decision but you want to preserve your rights to seek prosecution. Let them know you have been to the hospital and have had a rape kit done. This should signal to law enforcement that an investigation is merited. If you are sure you want to pursue your attacker tell them you are sure. Allow your parent or advocate to be a party to all communication with Police and University officials.

B) Dormitory Supervisor, Report the crime immediately to dormitory supervisors and to your resident assistant. If the attack happen in the dorm by a resident they should immediately move the attacker away from you. They are legally bond to do so. If they do not please go to for help. The dormitory supervisor should refer you to the Dean of Students/Academic affairs. If they do not seek them out.

C) Dean of Academic Affairs or Dean of Students, Upon reporting to the Dean you should be informed of ALL available options. They should be able to offer you immediate No Penalty Withdrawal from all your classes or incompletes, tuition reimbursement, and a campus judicial hearing. The hearing dose not take the place of LEGAL proceedings but is used to punish your attacker and create a disciplinary action against him at the University level. The outcome of the judicial hearing will help you to decide if you want to remain at that institution.

D) Dean of the School your enrolled in, If for example your are enrolled in the School of Arts & Sciences go to the Dean of Arts and Sciences, Business ,Dean of the School of Business. The Dean of these Department should be made aware and should be working with the Dean of Students/Academic Affairs to make sure all available options and protections are provided to you.

E) Report the Crime to the Local Prosecutor, Going to the local prosecutor with a copy of your police report allows them to make sure your attacker is not already in their system for other offenses. If he is in the system for other offenses he may be in violation of his bond or probation. If you have any concerns about the investigation you should let the prosecutor know. They have the power to assign more law enforcement to a case if they feel it is needed.

If the rape occurs Off campus: Follow above steps but replace campus police with local city/town Police.

Please remember that it is NEVER your fault. Do not hesitate to report even if; you knew him, dated him, lived next door to him, if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. None of these factors gives anyone the right to get away with raping you.